Dreamy Additions

Biscuits  from £2.00 each / from £2.75 individually wrapped

Cupcakes from £3.50 each/ from £4.50 each individually boxed


Cakesicles (magnum size) from £3.50 each / from £4.25 individually wrapped


Mini Cakesicle from £2.00 each / from 2.75 individually wrapped


Cake pop from £1.75 each / from £2.50 individually wrapped


Macarons from £1.00 each/ from £2.50 (for 2 macarons boxed), from £3 (for 3 macs boxed)


Macaron pops  from £1.75 each/ from £2.50 individually wrapped

Wedding Cakes 

Each cake is specially custom designed for each client, so prices can vary. However, we do have examples of cakes in the gallery section.

Contact me to book a free consultation. 

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